Clients usually connect with me at one of two stages in their small business or nonprofit organization's trajectory: start up or rebranding. I think both are pretty dreamy. Building a strong brand foundation (brand roots!) for growth and consistency is so important for your internal and external brand image! What does that mean though? Every small business should have the basic tools, files and information they need to present themselves professionally to the public and to their staff. I immerse in these possibilities every day, so, I'm prepared to help and dare I say make it fun.


I focus on the essentials of developing new or refreshed brand foundations. I also dig process improvement and taking time consuming paper related / inefficient internal tasks into now with SAAS. This scope includes: discovery & assessment, logo design, brand guide development, and website design and development.


In short, we build really valuable, tangible resources and tools together that make your life easier. Hooray!

Explore the ways Wild Roots can help make your life a little easier:

Digital Brand Reviews

Because "review" sounds more fun than "audit", haha. This assessment service is an informative deep dive into your organization's current online presence and efforts. You will be able to use this report to understand what may be working or what needs to be deleted, refined, and/or added to more effectively present & communicate your brand with the outside world. You can let the information simmer or get to work right away, but either way, I'll provide you with a clear overview and actionable recommendations.

Image by Christin Hume
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Logo Design

Having a logo you love is a key component of your brand image. You should have high resolution files and variations at your fingertips. If you don't, let's chat. I'm oh so happy to start from scratch or simply refresh and vectorize an existing visual identity. This design process includes collaborative brainstorms, concept review, edits, and a full export of logo variations and file types, all neatly organized and labeled for future use on the web, social, swag and more. Just say no to grainy low res logo files!


Brand & Style Guides

Clients rave about these puppies. A Brand Guide defines and details your visual identity, along with detailing style guidelines to prepare your team for consistent and accessible external communications. Contents: custom color palette, typography pairings, logo variations, and product mockups. I offer a full (5-9 page) and abridged (one sheet) version. It's something you'll save to your desktop, bookmark, post on your office wall, etc. and refer to often. Brand Guides take the guesswork out of what font/color/logo to use and where to use it!

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Website Design & Development

Maybe you already have a website but you're not thrilled with, or perhaps you're just starting out. Either way, I want to hear about it. My mission is two-fold: create a beautifully designed presentation of your brand roots, AND establish a system for maintenance post-launch that works for your goals. I can teach you how to edit your site yourself, or continue to support you when needed. Everyone is different. I'm fluent in Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, Square, Toast, and so much more... 

Layout & Graphic Design

I can take any Google Doc. or Microsoft Word list of items/ideas/content and transform it into a beautiful, purposeful, on-brand layout you're proud to call yours. We call this in the biz (what?!), brand collateral. Sounds fancy, but simply put, thoughtfully designed print and digital designs are essential to drive sales, donations and overall brand loyalty. Items I love making include: menus, posters, postcards, business cards, campaign mailers, letterhead, stickers, instructional booklets, etc. ahhhh consistency!

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Let's Chat / Have Coffee / Create Things

Would you like to work together on building your brand foundation or just say Hi? Reach out!

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Yay! Thanks for reaching out. I'll follow up with you soon. Until then, have the best morning/afternoon/evening, okay? Great. Chat soon.

Design Project Highlights

Take a look at some brand foundations I've made for clients lately. Feel free to reach out if you'd like to see any other types of work samples from me. Side note, I adore layout design: posters, postcards, booklets, and as of this year... YEARBOOKS! Woo.