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Proto Cred: Kuba Kubkowski Photography

Hi! I'm Meag.

I'm the lead web developer and brand designer behind Wild Roots, saying hiii from my cozy home office in the New Hampshire White Mountains.


I've been happily immersed in all aspects of branding for +10 years, specializing in websites and brand design for small businesses and nonprofit organizations. I love to lift others up throughout the course of each project and bring ideas to life. I'm PASSIONATE about transparency and authenticity. Read a wee bit about the Wild Roots WHY / HOW below.

The spark.

My path to branding, web development and design began in 2012 as a recent business school graduate who learned very quickly that accounting was *not* for me. Instead, I dove into tourism and hospitality, so full of potential energy to shine and brighten people's day. I didn't realize it at the time, but, developing a culture of care and presence in the workplace = internal branding. Luckily, I was in a space with leadership that ENCOURAGED this. That stuck with me. Shaping the HOW and WHY behind the what that you offer is as important as your product / service. What makes your business or organization unique and memorable? Plenty of people can (X, Y, Z) but why should I choose YOU? This works to reinforce / align with external branding (logo, website, copywriting, etc.). -- And so began my years-long deep dive into thoughtful website and graphic design...

Good Humans. Great Design.

Openness, communication, accountability. Many clients reach out after / during / leading up to a break up with larger design agency, seeking a more personal and approachable experience. All too often, they were charged tall fees for an inaccessible, frustrating to edit, "custom-coded" website paired with monthly retainers for... mystery "services" and "reports" -- *deep breath* -- This hurts my heart because small businesses and NPOs are the HEART of local communities like mine. So, I guess I'm part designer / problem solver, and part crusader against good humans wasting money.


If this resonates, I'd love to work with you.

Savvy Skills. Positive Approach.

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