Hi! I'm Meag.

I’m a Creative Director and green smoothie loving runner, currently designing daily from my cozy home office in the New Hampshire White Mountains.


I've been happily immersed in external and internal branding for around 10 years, specializing in brand foundations for small businesses and nonprofits. I'm an endlessly curious person on a quest for continual improvement. I live to lift others up and bring ideas to life. People are absolutely my favorite part my work.

My path to branding, web development and graphic design began in 2012 as a recent B.S. in Business grad who learned very quickly that accounting was *not* for me. I dove into tourism and hospitality, an industry full of potential energy to shine and make people's day brighter. That art appealed to me so much. At the time, the camping resorts I worked for subbed out creative design and web development, so, I'm very familiar with the client side of the design project experience.

Once upon a time, I was the client, not the consultant. So, I get it!


When on the client side, I often felt there wasn't enough of a big picture perspective to our project work, an understanding of our industry and uniqueness. Perhaps this deeper perspective and care weren't part of the typical creative project scope, but I always wished they were! Sometimes I also wondered what we were even paying for? I wanted more transparency and connection. Observing this gap planted the seed for how I operate Wild Roots now. No pun intended. haha.


In 2015, I approached the camping resort owner and proposed taking our web and graphic design in-house. They agreed. Over the next four years, I dove in, taught myself Wordpress and the Adobe Creative Suite, and developed a serious love for intentional branding work and user-experience design from the inside out. This chapter was a catalyst for the how and why of what I do now. It taught me that business, at its roots is always customer / client / guest / human centric.

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I pitched my first freelance web design project in 2016.


The local Chamber of Commerce was having a difficult time aligning their vision with an established web development company, so, I submitted my first web development proposal (ever!) to rebuild their 45-page directory website myself. They said yes! I completed the work during the slow winter season at the camping resort. It was terrifying but I knew I could do it. It went swimmingly.


In 2017, I was offered a position in-house to implement the Chamber's rebrand across media channels as their Marketing and Member Relations Manager. This was another really dynamic role including membership, events and volunteer management. I loved that year!

I started Wild Roots in 2018.


With the goal to stay approachable, nimble and supportive for web design and branding clients, I took the leap into self-employment.

I started out with three clients and hit the road in a 1989 Chevy bus my partner and I converted into a tiny home together. We traveled the country with our dog Moose for two years. I built the skills and systems for efficient remote work and learned so much about myself in the process. Sometimes you have to just go for it!

In addition to great design and technical skill in overall process design, I take every opportunity to educate and empower others. Why keep things a secret? If a client wants to learn how to self-manage their website, I will teach you!

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We're never done learning, are we?


In 2020, many plans changed course as I'm sure many of you can relate! My partner and I sold our beloved bus and bought an old house to renovate together in the NH White Mountains. Time for some roots!


2021 was a year of growth for Wild Roots, serving more clients, adapting to their needs, and collaborating with other remote designers on projects. I've also added portrait photography to my skills and offerings!

Simply put, I adore helping help small business owners make sense of the branding world. It can be overwhelming but I'm here for you. Together, we focus on building a strong foundation that provides value. I've had a creative path to creative work and have learned that nothing is impossible.


Now I want to hear about YOU! Let's connect.

Savvy Skills. Positive Approach.

I'm driven to empower small business owners and nonprofit leaders. I'm here to help realize ideas into a brand foundation worth loving and sharing.